Promote Economic Prosperity-

I will fight government overreach that chases jobs away and support legislation that creates a healthy business environment in our community. I will use my expertise as a business owner to promote ideas that bring more jobs to Colorado. 

Fiscally Conservative-

I pledge to NOT dismantle any parts of The Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR), or support any legislation that violates the spirit of TABOR. As a leader, I will stand for the principles of free markets, limited government, and fiscal responsibility. I will fight to make sure our government does not spend more than it takes in. A good economy is the solution to many of our state’s problems, NOT more government. 

Defend the Constitution-

I will stand to defend our state’s rights from Federal overreach and unnecessary meddling in our personal lives. I believe strongly that lawmakers must bring forth legislation that clearly defines the proper role of state government, and does not further entangle the state with the Federal government. I am an avid supporter of gun rights. As a decades-long gun-owner and sportsman, I will enthusiastically defend our right to bear arms and our right to self defense.

Protect Life-

Unlike so many politicians that simply affirm the desire to protect the unborn, I will strive to bring creative ideas and solutions that give women in Colorado safe, affordable and accessible alternatives to abortion. I believe that we must strive to find solutions that protect the most vulnerable members of our society and do not negatively impact our families.