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In 2010, the “Colorado Health Benefit Exchange Act” was created to allow state residents and small businesses to purchase private health insurance, potentially with a subsidy, from a state website:

In our 2017 system for healthcare, the Obamacare burden continues to hold back Coloradans. Individual insurance rates in Colorado have increased by more than 20%, and over a dozen of our counties have only one insurance carrier option left on the state exchange.

It is evident our “state-based” exchange is not working and needs to be replaced with a system that treats all Colorado residents fairly and alleviates the burden on the taxpayers in our state.

This does NOT repeal Obamacare. It means instead of paying taxes twice for the state exchange and Obamacare, we would only pay for Obamacare. 

Coloradans deserve a break! Tell your representative to vote "Yes" to repeal the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange Act by pledging your support for SB 17-003. Find your legislator here:

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